STEP 6: collaborate with
other accounts

I'll guide you through:

  • Our Engagement Pods!

  • How to best utilize Direct Messaging

  • Share for Share - S4S

  • Networking with influencers (coming)

  • Sponsorships, product endorsements (coming)


  • DX5 L+S+C - OPEN!

  • Round Pod. 6pm NY/3pm LA - OPEN!





D= Done
X= How many of the previous posts you have engaged with
L= Like
S= Save (also referred to as bookmarked)
C= Comment
1K= Minimum 1000 followers

Meet Eva the Viking Bot (6.1)

What makes our engagement pods unique and high quality is that they are all administered by our very own bot! Eva the Viking Bot (see picture 1) is hard at work 24h a day, 7 days a week. What does she do??

  • She welcomes new members (she's a sweetheart under the tough exterior)

  • She constantly checks for leechers!

  • LEECHING: Breaking the rules (you post a link for others to engage with but not engaging back), is in the Instagram language referred to as leeching because someone is taking from us and not giving back. A leecher.

    • Should someone leech, Eva the Viking Bot will give them a warning. They are given 2 warnings, then on the third strike, they are banned from all our engagement pods. I am the only one who can unban them.

    • If a banned account wants to rejoin, I will need to chat with them to figure out why they broke the rules. It could be that they were not concentrating enough or too stressed to do a proper job. If I believe they deserve to try again, they may pay a $10 unban fee and then be back in business.

  • She removes any chatting. Any comments in our group that does not include a link to a post, she will delete immediately.


1. Eva the Viking Bot will catch any leecher.

OUR DX Pod (6.2)

Here's how our DX Pod works, it's a DX5 L+S+C Pod (see screenshot 3 further down):

  1. First, you must like, save and comment on the 5 most recent posts (the links posted takes you to an Instagram post). No skipping. However, if a new comment appeared from another account while you commented on your fifth post, you can skip it. Eva the Viking Bot will be able to see that you commented on 5 posts in a row.

  2. So, there must be at least 5 links from other accounts between each time you enter/post (usually called "drop" in the Instagram language) your own link.

  3. Once you've completed the engagement, you can post your own link.
    ‼️ UPDATE (MAY 29): As of a few days ago, Instagram has started rolling out a new link format that tells them where the link is coming from. This new link format is longer than the old one, see example 2. So, please do the following before dropping your link into any of the Pods:

    • Copy your share-link, then paste it into your Notebook app to see if it is shot or long. If it is long, edit it by deleting the section after the last slash symbol (/). My links are still short, so I can't make a video explaining it yet. You can test your edited link yourself. And ask in our Group Chat if you are still unsure.

  4. When commenting in our Pods, use the format as you see in screenshot 3:

    • DX5,

    • then the Instagram account you used to engage with,

    • then the link to the Instagram post you want the following 5 accounts to engage with.

      • CLOSING PREVIEW: The hardest part is to post without a preview. When your link is pasted, click "X" once or twice to close the preview BEFORE dropping your comment in the group. See video below.

  • YOUR COMMENTS: Your comments MUST be relevant to the post, as well as respectful. I also request that you use a minimum of 5 words in your comment.

    • As mentioned earlier in this guide, a spam comment looks like it could come from a bot. So, if the post is about the show they played the night before, you can write "Looks like you rocked the show last night!" You can not write "Cool feed, dude! Peace." So, you MUST read the post and look at the picture so you can contribute with a relevant comment.

    • Also, all comments must be respectful.

    • I want to remind you all again, that is it extremely important to us at Northerly that our community is a supportive environment without fear of discomfort. Should you come across anyone or anything you find to be uncomfortable or inappropriate, please report them/it to us immediately. Link to contact here.

  • SAVE the posts by clicking the bookmark symbol. There are not any limits to how many posts you can bookmark, so no worries there. See screenshot 3.

  • NO CHATTING. We need to keep these pods clean. If you chat, our bot will delete it right away.


2. Top link is long, bottom is edited.


3. This is our Dx5 L+S+C Pod! 


3. Save the posts by clicking the bookmark symbol.


Now, let me explain the 6pm (NYC) Round Pod - The Pod is open now!

  • In this pod we all post links at the same time and engage with all the posts entered the round.

  • There are 2 added benefits to this pod:

    • You are more likely to include a posting round into your routine if it has a time attached to it.

    • Your post will go even further when the engagement with it comes as soon as you have posted!

  • Each account can only enter one post (per round - we will open more rounds as we grow).

  • One membership includes one account in the pod.

  • Only join the round if you have time to engage with all the posts. How short or long a round last depends on how many accounts participate. For now, schedule 15 minutes.


clean content (6.4)

  • When you enter a post in our Pod, the content can't be about religion, politics or other topics where a fellow member might feel uncomfortable commenting.

  • Neither can it make fun of others nor be hateful towards others.


Ready to get started?! I can add you to our DX5 pod right now! Chat me in our Chat Group to say you're ready for the Engagement Pod! Or you can chat me privately on Telegram. My username in @EvaWagner.



GO BACK TO STEP 1 if you skipped ahead!


Use Direct Messaging (6.5)

  • DM accounts that start to follow you. But first, check to see if the new follower could be a bot or another spammer. If their account seems to belong to someone with legit interest in you, send them a DM where you thank them for following and include a CTA (call to action) and a link to where you want to send them/what you want them to do. Make a good choice! It could be

    • "We'd love it if you'd follow us on Spotify!" Link to Spotify.

    • You see that the account lives in the city where you have an upcoming show. "Hope you can make it to the show next week!" Link to tickets.

    • Sign up to receive weekly tour diaries! Link to your newsletter signup.

  • If they reply, reply back to them. You'll notice when some are eager to get to know you better. These people are potential super fans.

    • SIDE NOTE: Have you heard the saying that "All you need for a viable music career is 1,000 superfans." Your superfans are those who come to the show, talk about you to others, buy your merch and your collectibles. These fans must be taken really good care of; they could potentially spend lots of money on you.

  • DM accounts that are commenting on your posts. Pay attention to WHO they are and always comment back, of course. Then, DM your most engaging fans, perhaps just to say "Thank you for your support! What's your favorite track of ours? or "Hope to see you at the show next week!" This way you are building the 1-1 connection with your most devoted fans.

  • DM announcements, pushes, and contests. When you have something you are pushing, say you just released a new album and a music video, you can DM all your followers to say "Hey! Did you see our new music video? Peter swam in a freezing river! He was happy to do it for the art haha!"

  • DM account you want to do S4S with. More on that next!

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If the account you are reaching out to is not following you, they might not see your DM (right away, at least) as it shows up under Requests. See screenshot 4.

  • Same goes for you! Make sure you are checking all the DM's under Requests. I find that most of those are legit people who wanted to reach out to me specifically, not a spammer.


4. If you are not following the account that's contacting you, their DM to you shows up under Requests.

Share for Share (S4S) (6.6)

  • S4S means that you'll share their content and they'll share yours.

  • Reach out to the prospective collaborators via Direct Message (DM), but again, remember that if they don't follow you, your message will show up under Requests (See screenshot 4).

  • Reach out to accounts with around same number of followers. If you have 1K followers, an account with 15K will be offended if you ask them to collaborate on an S4S. However, if an account is slightly larger - say 5K to your 1K, you can try to make a deal where you shout them out twice and they shout you back once.

  • TO DO: In the tab S4S in the Google Sheet, write down 10 similar accounts with the same target audience are you, and the around the same number of followers. Also, these 10 accounts are someone you already have somewhat of a relationship with. Perhaps other accounts in our Instagram team?! This is one of the many benefits of being a team!

  • GOAL: Coordinate (at least) one S4S per week! Keep your S4S sheet updated.


more to COMe very SOON

Step 7 and 8 are currently being finalized! 

  • Step 7: How to use Insta Stories and Instagram Live

  • Step 8: Demystifying your analytics

I will keep you updated in our Chat Group!


  1. You have started engaging in our DX5 Pod!

  2. You have started engaging in our 6pm/3pm Round Pod!

  3. You have written down 10 accounts you'd like to coordinate S4S with, and you have scheduled at least one of them.




Step 7 and 8 will unlock soon!