When you join the Pod, you will become part of a community consisting of bands, musicians, and music industry companies/professionals. The secret is, when we're a team working together in the same niche, our accounts grow fast!


  • Download the app Telegram Messenger to your phone (free). This is a communication app, similar to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Kik.

  • Why Telegram, you ask? This is where the Instagram-behind-the-scenes-action happens! Now you know. Oh, there's one more reason. If I invite you to join your 37th Facebook group, I'm just not gonna get your attention, right? Keep your Instagram communication and action via Telegram to better separate it from the rest of the clutter.

  • Register for an account: Enter the name (not band name, but your actual human name, so we know who we are speaking with) and phone number of the person in charge of your Instagram account. Your username should be the same as the one you use on Instagram. Write a sentence about your band in the bio.

  • Join the Pod by clicking this link FROM YOUR PHONE:


Do you want to invite a kickass hardworking band or musician to join our Pod? Send them to this page! Link in @northerlyagency_nyc bio on Instagram.


Here's how our DX Pod works, it's a DX5 L+S+C Pod.

D= Done
X5= 5 times/how many of the previous posts you have engaged with
L= Like
S= Save (also referred to as bookmarked)
C= Comment

  1. First, you must like, save and comment on the 5 most recent posts (the links posted takes you to an Instagram post). No skipping. However, if a new comment appeared from another account while you commented on your fifth post, you can skip it. Eva the Viking Bot will be able to see that you commented on 5 posts in a row.

  2. So, there must be at least 5 links from other accounts between each time you enter/post (usually called "drop" in the Instagram language) your own link.

  3. Once you've completed the engagement, you can post your own link.

  4. When commenting in our Pods, use the format as you see in screenshot:

    • DX5,

    • then the Instagram account you used to engage with,

    • then the link to the Instagram post you want the following 5 accounts to engage with.

      • CLOSING PREVIEW: The hardest part is to post without a preview. When your link is pasted, click "X" once or twice to close the preview BEFORE dropping your comment in the group. See video below.

This is what our Dx5 L+S+C Pod looks like:


  • YOUR COMMENTS: Your comments MUST be relevant to the post, as well as respectful. I also request that you use a minimum of 5 words in your comment.

    • As mentioned earlier in this guide, a spam comment looks like it could come from a bot. So, if the post is about the show they played the night before, you can write "Looks like you rocked the show last night!" You can not write "Cool feed, dude! Peace." So, you MUST read the post and look at the picture so you can contribute with a relevant comment.

    • Also, all comments must be respectful.

    • I want to remind you all again, that is it extremely important to us at Northerly that our community is a supportive environment without fear of discomfort. Should you come across anyone or anything you find to be uncomfortable or inappropriate, please report them/it to us immediately. Link to contact here.

  • SAVE the posts by clicking the bookmark symbol. There are not any limits to how many posts you can bookmark, so no worries there. See screenshot.

  • NO CHATTING. We need to keep these pods clean. If you chat, our bot will delete it right away.

Save the posts by clicking the bookmark symbol.


clean and light-ish content, please

  • When you enter a post in our Pod, the content can't be about religion, politics or other topics where a fellow member might feel uncomfortable commenting.

  • Neither can it make fun of others nor be hateful towards others.


Meet Eva the Viking Bot

What makes our engagement pods unique and high quality is that they are all administered by our very own bot! Eva the Viking Bot (see picture 1) is hard at work 24h a day, 7 days a week. What does she do??

  • She welcomes new members (she's a sweetheart under the tough exterior)

  • She constantly checks for leechers!

  • LEECHING: Breaking the rules (you post a link for others to engage with but not engaging back), is in the Instagram language referred to as leeching because someone is taking from us and not giving back. A leecher.

    • Should someone leech, Eva the Viking Bot will give them a warning. They are given 2 warnings, then on the third strike, they are banned from all our engagement pods. I am the only one who can unban them.

  • She removes any chatting. Any comments in our group that does not include a link to a post, she will delete immediately.

Eva the Viking Bot will catch any leecher.