GENRE: Nordic electro RnB

WHERE: Scandinavia

WHO: BJØRN O aka Bjørn Olav Edvardsen is a vocalist, songwriter, and producer.  Hailing from the Vikings, with the soul from the god of vulnerability, his music is both powerful and sensitive.

WHAT: You can feel the crisp Scandinavian air through the beats and the secluded, but beautiful landscape through his heart. And as powerful as the mountains - is his voice.

WHEN:  BJØRN O has a long career as a vocalist in his home country of Norway. He is currently recording his first debut for a worldwide release expected to drop in thefall of 2017. 

WHY: There are almost as many reasons to follow his musical career, as there are stars in the cold Norwegian sky.


GENRE: Nordic Dream Pop

WHERE: Norway

WHO: Bellman, aka Arne-Johan Rauan, hails from Larvik, a town just south of Oslo tucked away at the end of a fjord.

WHAT: Bellman draws inspiration for his blend of acoustic/electronic sounds, with their melancholic moods and contrasting energetic tones, from an eclectic mix of influences. These include modern experimental rock artists like Sigur Rós and Radiohead, as well as alternative rock-pop bands Mercury Rev and Slowdive. 

WHEN: His 4th album Morphology dropped on January 27, 2017. Since his debut in 2009, Bellman has toured extensively, bringing his distinctive, soaring tenor-like voice, with its dreamy qualities, to the attention of cross-continental audiences, from the UK to China.


Luke Elliot

GENRE: Moody rock

WHERE: New York City

WHO: Luke Elliot is truly a unique soul and a tremendous storyteller. Stylistically, he might remind you of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave.

WHEN:  Last year, Elliot released his debut full-length album, Dressed for the Occasion in Europe, which was produced by Indie icon, John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile). The album will be released worldwide in the spring 2017.

WHY: The album has garnered endless praise by top media outlets, such as named 'album of the year' by France's Rock and Folk Magazine.



GENRE: Female fronted rock.


WHO: Christine Marvel Engebretsen (vocals), Markus Berntzen (guitar), Eimund Aadahl (drums), Andreas Guckholm (bass).

WHAT: They come from diverse musical backgrounds and their sounds brings to minds of bands like Hawkind, Arctic Monkeys and Savage Rose. There is a uniqueness in each one of De Marvells' songs, and there is a sense of woe, melancholy and anger that is present throughout. 

WHEN: Currently in the studio recording their first EP, to be released spring 2017.

WHY: Live. Seeing this band live, will grab you at the core, pull you in and make you sweat. It is simply thrilling. Christine's energy, voice and stage presence is mind-blowing.



GENRE: Psychedelic desert rock

WHERE: Sedona, AZ

WHO: Brandon Decker. 

WHAT: For seven years running, decker. has been recording and performing some of the most vital music to be released from America’s Southwest. The music is clearly drawn from the land itself—all that is at once comforting, eerie, haunting, healing, harsh and beautiful.

WHEN: The 6th album, Snake River Blues, was released September 2017. Next up, is a new release scheduled for this summer, and a documentary following decker. on a journey bringing their music from the red rocks and sand in Arizona - to the urban pulse of New York City.

WHY: “gives Jack White a run for his money with it’s fevered guitar licks, crashing drums, and bluesy storytelling. It’s a foot-to-the-pedal, full speed ahead kind of track and it’s exhilarating” – KEXP Song of the Day.