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think of growing your account

as a four-part process which all have to work at the same time in order to become extremely powerful. Like a four-part harmony, if you will (such as a CSNY tune): (1) having a plan of action (2) knowing how to best use Instagram's tools and staying on top of any changes (3) creating and posting amazing content on a regular basis (4) engaging and collaborating with other accounts. We will work on all of this!

technical NOTES

  • The layout of this guide is made for desktop and tablet views. If you're viewing through your phone, the right column displaying examples will all show at the end.

  • Make sure your Instagram app (and the other apps we use) are up to date.

  • I use an iPhone. I have checked to make sure all my information also applies to Android users. However, some apps and Instagram updates are not identical.


You are now part of a community consisting of bands, musicians and music industry companies/professionals. The secret is, that when we are a team who work together on growing our accounts, they grow fast! Especially when they're in the same niche. So let's do this together!

It is important to us that our network is a safe, positive, supportive, respectful, and tolerant environment for all members. We reserve the right to remove any subscriber from our service and network who we find to be disruptive by behaving negatively towards our community. Membership will end, and no refund will be given.


  • Take a look at this Google Sheet that I've prepared for you, simply called Northerly Agency’s DIY Instagram Guide. It can only be viewed, so download it (explained in Step 1) or mimic my templates in your notebook.

  • Nothing comes overnight. Growing your account organically is a marathon, not a race. I can tell you how, but you have to do the work.

  • Pencil in time to work on Instagram in your daily routine! Yes, do it right now! At the very least, spend 1h every day. The more you do, the faster you will grow. I will help.

  • Our guide focuses on growing organically, so no money spent on advertising or boosts. No fake followers. You might, however, want to spend a few dollars on various apps. And, of course, your membership.

  • Instagram constantly evolves. They rarely announce any changes, and they never tell us what the algorithm favors, nor what behavior it penalizes. Some of my notes here might all of a sudden not be correct! Thankfully, I’m inside a team of Instagram experts where we constantly experiment with the algorithm and share our findings with each other. And it's my job to teach and update you. When any new changes, tips, and tricks are discovered, I will update this guide, and tell you in our Chat Group.

  • I tell you what to do in this guide, but you'll have to make your own decisions and tweak as you see fit for you and your brand. And your band.

  • Just to make communication easier, I refer to you all as a member of a band. If you’re a solo artist, please forgive me, I am thinking about you just as much!

  • It gets easier! In the beginning, it may take you a lot of time to think of what to post and when and what to write and what hashtags to use. But soon you’ll have your workflow down, and you’ll be an expert!


That's the end of my introduction - now on to your