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CTA - Call To Action

DM - Direct Message

EPK - Electronic Press Kit

Handle - Alternative phrase for Instagram username

Lead Magnet - An offer to incentivize potential fans

Leeching - Failing to return the favor when followers interact with your posts

Shadowban - Having your content blocked without being notified

S4S - Share For Share. You post about them, they post about you.

BOT - A software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) over the Internet. The often pretend to be human.

SPAM-COMMENT -  Paid automated services where you choose a comment that will be posted on posts that use the specific hashtag

API - Application Program Interface



Telegram - Free messenger app of choice

Cleaner for Instagram - An app to help with unfollowing, blocking and delete followers and comments

Squareready- Good for borders (around the picture, or to add at top/bottom or sides to make a picture square)

Layout- Good for creating collages

Photofy, Instaquote, Piclab, Add Watermark (For Android Users)- For creating a watermark that you place on every post that you create 

Word Swag, Typorama, Ezy Watermark (For iOS Users) - For creating a watermark that you place on every post that you create 

Phonto (Android and iOS) - For creating a watermark that you place on every post that you create 

Preview - Design your Instagram feed before you post.

Repost - for reposting images from other Instagram accounts on to your feed.

Hashtags Genius - It will suggest related hashtags to copy, or you can manually pick the ones you want to use.


STEP 1: Setting up/revamping your account

1.0 The Overall Purpose For Your
Instagram Account

1.1 Download the Google Sheet.

1.2 Quickly Defining Your Brand

1.3 Your Username

1.4 Your Name

1.5 Telegram: The Basics

1.6 Quick Tips to Get Started

1.7 Business Account

1.8 Profile Picture

1.9 Bio Text

1.10 Link in Bio

1.11 Highlights in Bio

1.12 Bonus: Grow Your Email List



2.0 Act Natural, Don't Spam!

2.1 Track Your Growth

2.2 Cleaning Up Who You Are Following

2.3 Follow Your Facebook Friends

2.4 Directing All Traffic to Instagram

2.5 Bonus: Reconsider Your Digital Platforms


Step 3: CONNECT WITH INFLUENCERS, your network, and new fans

3.0 What Accounts Should You Target?

3.1 How to Find Your Target Accounts - Brainstorming

3.2 Organize Your Targets

3.3 Using Your Targets

3.4 Build Off Of Your Network

3.5 Join Our Indie Band Collective!

3.6 Plan Your Next Moves

3.7 Bonus: DIY Music Marketing



4.0 Finding New Fans & Followers

4.1 Designing Your Feed

4.2 Segment Your Content: 50% You + 30% Others + 20% Push

4.3 Content Ideas

4.4 Collecting Content

4.5 Copyright Rules

4.6 The Text Caption

4.7 Geolocation Tag

4.8 How Often to Post

4.9 What Day and Time to Post

4.10 Scheduling Your Posts



5.0 #Basics

5.1 Why Use Hashtags?

5.2 Building Your Band's Hashtag

5.3 Which Hashtags to Avoid

5.4 Which Hashtags to Use

5.5 Finding the Right Hashtags

5.6 Where to Place the Hashtag and How Many

5.7 Search Hashtags to Find Your Target Audience



6.0 Engagement Pods

6.1 Eva The Viking Bot

6.2 DX Pods

6.3 Round Pods

6.4 The Content

6.5 Direct Messaging

6.6 S4S