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  2. Clean up your current account, drive traffic, and tracking your growth
  3. Connecting with influencers, your network, and your potential new fans
  4. What the hell to post? When and how often?
  5. How to use hashtags and what not to do
  6. Collaborating with other accounts
  7. How to best use Instagram's Stories and Live tools (unlocking soon!)
  8. Demystifying your analytics without getting a migraine  (unlocking soon!)



As a member, you will become part of a community consisting of bands, musicians, and music industry companies/professionals. The secret is, when we're a team working together in the same niche, our accounts grow fast! 

"A year from today you're gonna wish you started today!" - A smart person.



  • It's the best platform to gain new fans and followers without spending money.
  • The engagement rate is highest on this platform.
  • It's the best platform to build your creative (music) brand, as it focuses on visuals.
  • It's the fastest growing social media platform. 




I'm Eva Wagner, I'm the founder of Northerly Agency, a company I started with a mission to support bands/artists as they worked their asses off to write, record, release and play mind-blowing music while shopping for a label, agent, promoter, and manager. While also trying to find time to squeeze in a few minutes to promote themselves on 8 social media platforms. Yikes!

I currently work in digital marketing, artist management, publicity, independent A&R and as an A2IM (American Association of Independent Music) education committee member. With my strong background in the industry I'm excited to guide you through your DIY music marketing strat (strategy, not the Fender) with a main focus on Instagram.


I am 100% Scandinavian, 35% goofball, I love the Beatles, and I attempt Yoga. That's me with my husband, Brad Wagner, and we live in Manhattan where we both work long hours in the music industry. In fact, we both LOVE supporting indie bands. Me through Northerly, he through Paste Magazine.  

When I launched Northerly last year, I created an Instagram account and a Facebook page. I tried to grow them both but quickly discovered how powerful Instagram was and how hard it was to get anybody to see my posts on Facebook.

So, I have spent the last year digging deep into the secrets of Instagram and gaining a big network of Instagram experts. I am now an Instagram Marketing Specialist certified by Foundr Magazine – a company that focused its marketing on Instagram, to become one of the top influencers in their niche. Check them out on Instagram: @Foundr (1.2M followers).